David Babunski: It is a privilege to play for the national team and we should do our best because once this will stop

Published on 28 Мај, 2022 in News, News

The Macedonian A national team continues the preparations for the beginning of the new edition of the League of Nations and the introductory match against Bulgaria on June 2 in Razgrad. Enis Bardi, Stole Dimitrievski, Elif Elmas and Darko Velkovski joined the afternoon training of the national team. 

David Babunski, one of the national team members of Macedonia will be part of the upcoming four matches of the League of Nations. The first challenge is Bulgaria on June 2 in Razgrad.

- This is a new challenge. We need to continue to develop and confirm our quality. We have reached a situation where Macedonia is seen as a favorite in a group that was not the case before. It's thanks to our results and appearances in qualifying and previous League of Nations.

- A great chance for all those who had little playing time to show that they can play for the national team. It is a chance for them to show their qualities and prove that they can contribute.

- All national teams go with the intention to win, and so do we. We will go to victory in every match. As for the hard season and how much it can affect the players, I think this is our profession and it is a privilege to play for the national team and we should do our best. That is why we should use every moment, to enjoy, to prosper and to bring joy to our people.

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