Information about educational coaching courses at different levels (licenses) organized by FFM

Published on 29 Септември, 2022 in Licensing, News

We inform you that the educational center at FFM is in the process of developing a detailed annual plan for courses for coaches at different levels of education for the 2022-2023 season. For this purpose, every interested candidate must fill out this questionnaire, which is open until 16.10.2022. After this date, the questionnaire automatically becomes inactive, and further communication regarding the courses will continue only by e-mail and only with candidates who have expressed their interest by filling out the questionnaire.

Failure to fill out the questionnaire will mean the impossibility of participating in the courses that would be organized/started until the end of 2022, and interested candidates would have the next opportunity to register in January 2023 at the earliest, and for courses that would be organized no earlier than April 2023.

Filling out the questionnaire can be accessed at the link below.

Before filling it out, please take a good look at the criteria for participation in each course individually published in detail in the attached document, so that all interested candidates would know if they meet the conditions for participation in the course they are interested in and what their opportunities are.

At the same time, we inform all candidates that according to the current coaching convention, the initial level of coaching education is the UEFA C diploma, also established by the FFM starting from May 2022.

Candidates who are interested in the highest level of education – the UEFA PRO diploma, we inform them that the competition for enrollment of the next generation FFM is not able to announce before spring 2024.


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