Macedonia U18 won the second control match against Azerbaijan

Published on 27 Март, 2023 in News, U19

The young national team of Macedonia under 18 played another good match in Baku, noting a triumph over the corresponding selection of Azerbaijan.

In the second control duel against Azerbaijan, the team of coach Toni Jakimovski celebrated a minimal victory with 2:1.

At the Dalga Stadium in Baku, Macedonia was the first to threaten. In the 10th minute, Livareka found himself in a great opportunity, hitting his head, but over the opponent's goal. In the 40th minute, great penetration by Nikolovski, the opponent managed to block his shot at the last moment.

At the start of the second half, Azerbaijan leads 1:0. In the 52nd minute, another header and another opportunity for Livareka, but again without realization. Macedonia had another good opportunity through Serafimov in the 68th minute. In the 78th minute, our young footballers deservedly equalize the score. After the well-taken corner by Gjorgievski, Stojilevski found himself in the right place, precisely headed in for 1:1. In the 86th minute, Macedonia made a complete turnaround, thanks to Tsanoski's Eurogoal.

Macedonia: Ljupche Dzekov, Davor Serafimov, Marko Stojilevski, Gjorgi Dzekov, Adrian Zendelovski, Teodor Nikolovski, Lorik Mukhtari, Fikret Livareka, Nikola Velichkovski, Abiola Bamiyoko, Dino Miholov;

Head coach: Toni Jakimovski;

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