Macedonia G.P. is the winner of the Macedonian Cup

Published on 20 Мај, 2022 in Macedonian Cup, News

Macedonia Gjorce Petrov is the winner of the Football Cup of Macedonia after they were better than Sileks with 4-3 after the penalties. There were no goals in the regular part and in the extra time, there were no chances, in a tough match in which Macedonia GP had the possession, and Sileks the chance of the match in the regular part. Hristijan Stevkovski is the hero of the "lions" after defending a free kick in the regular part, and then defending two penalties in the penalty series.

Stevkovski in the 57th minute took advantage of the mistake of Kalanoski, and  became a hero in the regular part, and then in the extra time there was no strength for anything more. Only one chance through Cooper, but that was it.

Stevkovski defended the first shot of Aliji from Sileks in the first penalty series, and Adem scored for the lead of Makedonija GP. Licina and Cvetanoski were then precise in the second series, and in the third Stevkovski defended Rajkov's penalty, while Atanakoski was precise, so the advantage of Gjorcepetrovci was great. But in the fourth series, Stojcevski scored, and Popzlatanov's  failed, so Sileks remained in the game. But in the last series, Kalanoski scored, but Emini also scored for the great joy of Macedonia GP

MACEDONIA GP - SILEKS 0-0 pen. 4-3

National Arena "Todor Proeski" in Skopje.

Referee: Aleksandar Grujoski.

Yellow cards: Aleksovski, Cooper, Emini (MJP) - Kalanoski, Aliji, Spirkoski, Cvetanoski (S).

MACEDONIA GP: Stevkovski, Atanaskoski, Mishevski, Licina, Lazarevic, Adem, Emini, Vosha (105 'Bozinovski), Lemos (91' Aleksovski), Popzlatanov, Stojkoski (56 'Cooper).

SILEKS: Bozinovski, Rajkov, Manasievski (77 'Tanushev), Stojcevski, Ljamalari, Kalanoski, Spirkoski (105' Cvetanoski), Aliji, Dimoski (77 'Petkovski), Kocev (57' Stojcevski), Serafimovski.

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