Macedonia U16: Defeated by the Republic of Ireland

Published on 15 Април, 2022 in U17

The young national team of Macedonia under 16 was defeated by the Republic of Ireland with 3: 2 in an interesting match with many twists and open game within the international tournament Miljan Miljanic in Stara Pazova, Serbia.

In the first half we saw one goal scored in both nets. The opponent opened the score in the 23rd minute of the match. Dimitrievski scored a goal to level the score. We missed several more good opportunities to score a new goal.

In the continuation of the match, Macedonia made a turn and took the lead with 2: 1. Aliji scored in the 65th minute. In the 80th minute penalty for the Republic of Ireland and equalization of the result. In the 89th minute, a goal by the Republic of Ireland for a new turn and victory with 3: 2.

Macedonia: Spasko Ahtarov, Andrej Velkov, Anes Meliqi, Daniel Kocev, Maksimilian Dimitrievski, Nikola Manojlov, Flakron Memishi, Nikola Stojkovski, Martin Jovanovic, Numan Ajetovic, Stefan Mladenovski;

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