Macedonian National U16 Team played 1:1 against Red Star

Published on 24 Февруари, 2022 in U17

The young national team of Macedonia under 16 played the control match against the team of Red Star within the camp that was organized in Kicevo.

At the stadium "Biljanini Izvori" in Ohrid, the match ended in a 1-1 draw. The selected players of the coach Vujadin Stanojkovic might be disappointed for the missed opportunities, especially in the last minutes of the match.

The goals were scored in the second half. Macedonia took the lead with 1: 0. Islami scored the leading goal in the 55th minute. The opponent in the 75th minute managed to equalize the result.

Our young team continues with the training camp and preparations in Kicevo after the control match with the team of Red Star.

Control duel at the city stadium "Biljanini izvori", Ohrid;

Macedonia - Red Star 1: 1 (0: 0)

Macedonia: Spasko Ahtarov, Andrej Velkov, Anes Meliki (k), Nikola Stojkovski, Genc Kkiku, Martin Jovanovic, Numan Ajetovic, Valdet Jakupi, Daniel Kocev, Dimitar Papazov, Vebi Islami;

Substitutes: Amar Hadzibulic, Andrej Ljubevski, Valdrin Vilca, Memet Shabani, Dario Jakimovski, Aleksandar Spasovski, Altin Aliji, Davor Levkovski;

Coach: Vujadin Stanojkovic.

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