Milevski and Alioski: We came to win

Published on 22 Септември, 2022 in News, News

Tomorrow at 18:00 in Tbilisi, the Macedonian A national team will play the match of the 5th round in the group of the League of Nations against the home country Georgia.

At the official press conference, head coach Blagoja Milevski and representative Ezdjan Alioski spoke to the journalists.

Blagoja Milevski - head coach of the Macedonian A national team:

- The team is always important. The team wins, not individuals. We are concentrating on how we will perform as a team against a great opponent. Macedonia had great qualifications for the World Cup, great play-off matches against Italy and Portugal, but unfortunately we faced many problems in the Nations League. We had a lot of injured footballers and forced substitutions, although that was not the plan. We continue with that transition, and this is an opportunity to make sure of the quality of the younger football players. As long as there is even the slightest chance, we will fight.

Ezdjan Alioski - representative of Macedonia:

- We fulfilled our dream here, we qualified for the European Championship, but that is already behind us. It doesn't matter if we play in front of full stands or without an audience, the fans are not on the field, for a good result we need to play good football, and we have come to show our quality. The defeat at home was really painful for us and we will try to win here.

- It is not necessary for me as an adult to motivate the younger ones. This shirt is a motivation  itself. A victory will bring us an even better atmosphere. We are not under pressure and we only think about the team.

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