Milevski: Everyone will get a chance. We need to continue to be competitive in Europe

Published on 26 Мај, 2022 in News, News

The head coach of the Macedonian A national team, Blagoja Milevski spoke at a press conference about the preparations and matches of the best selection from the new edition of the League of Nations.

At the first meeting of our national team today, some of the players arrived, and it will be completed in the coming days.

Blagoja Milevski -  head coach of the Macedonian A national team:

- Due to a foot injury, captain Stefan Ristovski will not be able to be available for the June matches. Arian Ademi and Adis Jahovc have been released for preparations and matches due to the hard season and frequent injuries, while Erdal Rakip due to his private reasons, will also not be part of the team for this gathering. Tihomir Kostadinov is in the process of rehabilitation from a knee injury.

- We are in a group with quality opponents. The quality level i similar, and I do not neglect Gibraltar either, although many consider it an outsider. Our goal is to win first place in September when the cycle ends. Six tough matches await us, not just one or four.

- It is imperative in this representation  for everyone is to give their best. To show  that they have potential, to give the maximum and in the end to see what it will bring us. Neither I nor the professional staff live in the past. We are leaving Italy and Portugal behind and we will try our best to cope with the new challenges.

- Everyone will get a chance to play and confirm their potential, we will make rotations, and we will be satisfied if we see the quality and potential of the players, showing us that we can count on them in the future, because for us the goal remains the European Championship 2024. We have the base, we made it in 2015/16, now we are refreshing the team with young players from the national team under 21. We have shown that we can be competitive in Europe, but we need to continue in that direction.

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