Muamed Sejdini with a congratulations for Struga T.Lj. and Macedonia G.P. The president of FFM sent a message to the new members of the First and Second MFL

Published on 30 Мај, 2023 in News

The president of the Football Federation of Macedonia, Muamed Sejdini, after the end of the 2022/2023 competition season, congratulated FC Struga Trim Ljum on the occasion of winning the title in 1 MFL and FC Macedonia G.P. for winning the Cup competition.

After winning the title in the 2nd MFL and the promotion of FC Voska Sport, FC Gostivar and FC Vardar to new first league teams, the first man of Macedonian football addressed congratulatory words to the teams that will be part of the best football competition from the next season.

At the same time, the Football Federation of Macedonia thanks the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the excellent cooperation in all the matches we organized in the past period and thanks to the people who manage and maintain the stadiums where a large number of matches were played in the last month.

"Please accept my warmest congratulations for the results achieved this season in the Macedonian football league. I express my warmest wishes to all footballers, coaches, technical and medical personnel, as well as to all fans, because each part of the organization is undoubtedly instrumental in the victory of its club.

All congratulations to Struga for the historic, first championship title. The club has been growing for years on the field and beyond, and now it has reached its peak. Struga Trim Lum confirmed the quality this year in our football, and this is the result of the good work of the professional staff, the good selection of football players and the quality management.

Macedonia G.P. surprised many with the results achieved this season and winning the Cup in our country. I believe that they will continue to work and function stably, firmly and according to plan. I am convinced that in the future they will work tirelessly to create new talents, something that represents the vision of the club, and I have no doubt that the Macedonian national team will benefit greatly from this.

It is important to support our clubs in their performances in the European Cups. They have the right to dream that they can go far in UEFA competitions. We wish them the best of luck and to represent their jersey and Macedonian football in Europe with the same enthusiasm as before. I wish all the Macedonian representatives in the European Cups, Struga Trim Lum, Macedonia G.P., Shkendija and Shkupi, a good draw, good luck and success in the following competitions.

I would like to congratulate the new first league players, FC Voska Sport, FC Gostivar and FC Vardar. I hope that they will continue their success in the matches of the best competition next season. Congratulations to Vardar Negotino, Bashkimi, Tetex, Novaci and Osogovo for securing participation in the Second MFL.

In the end, I would like to thank all the people in the administration of FFM who were part of the organization of the competitions and activities that we realized in the past period".

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