Published on 21 Ноември, 2022 in News, Equality

Children took the field in a friendly football match, with a call for everyone to come together for children's rights

On the occasion of World Children's Day, UNICEF and the Football Federation of Macedonia organized a friendly football match where "the children took over the field". Children, professional football players from the national team, football players from the Special Olympics and senior officials played in the match.

"On this day, all of us adults, together with the children, remind ourselves what our priorities are, where we should direct our views, what we want to achieve in order to ensure a carefree childhood for all children, and of course a better future and opportunities for development," said Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski. "World Children's Day is our reminder of the obligations that we as a society have towards our children, especially towards those whose position is very sensitive."

World Children's Day, which is celebrated every year on November 20, highlights the most important issues that affect the lives of children and supports the participation of children and young people as advocates of their own rights. This year, World Children's Day falls on the same day as the official start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, thus providing a rare opportunity to put children's issues at the top of the global agenda.

The match is part of the joint campaign of UNICEF and the Football Federation of Macedonia, under the slogan "We are all one team", which calls on everyone to unite for the rights of children.

"Football means spreading friendship, equality and promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports culture. We encourage all young people to actively participate in activities that convey the message of the presence of friendship and equality on the sports fields, but also in everyday life," said the director of the Macedonian football team, Deni Masev ."Children have their rights because they are children, not because they have yet to earn them. It is our duty to teach them of responsibility, development of their capacities, respect for others, tolerance or community life. It is our duty that everyone in their department or district does everything they can to ensure that the rights of all children are truly respected. It is important to invest in improving the quality of children's lives, through upbringing and education, health and social care, culture and sports."

The event was attended by children, teachers, ministers, ambassadors, junior football teams and football players from the Special Olympics. The event was moderated by Kika, Filip, Anastasia and Miha, children from the TV series "Give us Music", who represented Macedonia at the Children's Eurovision Song Contest.

World Children's Day is an annual call to action to draw attention to issues important to children and create a fairer, more inclusive world for every child. UNICEF and partners appeal to the whole society to support activities to support:

· Quality health care, for every child, which includes ensuring access to quality health care and nutrition for every child, as well as protection against vaccine-preventable diseases.

· Quality and inclusive education, for every child including increased investment and improved efficiency and equity in education spending to help every child acquire 21st century skills and empower children to grow into people who will transform the economy and society.

· The mental health and well-being of children and young people, including establishing programs that promote mental health and well-being in schools and the community, so that every child has the childhood they deserve and are entitled to.

· A healthy environment, including creating space for children and young people to play a major role in designing climate action and in providing solutions to the environmental challenges we face today.

· A fair chance for every child, including actions to tackle discrimination and exclusion, so that no child is left behind because of disability, poverty, ethnicity or gender.

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