Press conference before tomorrow's match against England

Published on 18 Јуни, 2023 in News, News

On the eve of tomorrow's qualifying match for EURO 2024 between England and Macedonia at "Old Trafford" in Manchester, the head coach of our national team, Blagoja Milevski, and the captain, Stefan Ristovski, held a press conference.

Blagoja Milevski - head coach of the Macedonian A national team:

"Macedonia has shown not only now, but has shown for several years that it has the quality and potential to be competitive in Europe. Not to mention what these guys have accomplished over the years. This team has the potential to play a good match with England, and then be competitive in the qualifiers.

I am pleased with the fact that Serafimov and Velkovski completed the training without any problems. I hope they will be put into operation in today's game. You play the following match once, maybe never again in your careers. We have to confirm what we showed in the previous matches.

Around England, no words should be wasted, whether he is an individual or a team best. It is about a team with top footballers, who won the Champions League some time ago. I would place England in the TOP-3 in Europe and it will be an honor for us to play a match with such a rival."

Stefan Ristovski – captain of the Macedonian A national team:

"It is rare for Macedonia to play such matches, in such stadiums. The league itself that England owns is the pinnacle of football. It's nice to enter Old Trafford, you don't need any special motivation, but to go out and show what you have. We are obviously that kind of team, who play big games and want to do miracles. I hope that all the nervousness that we keep from the match with Ukraine, we will transfer it to the field.

All players have major competitions and leagues. We are playing against the biggest favorite in the group, a world-class selection. We don't need a special motive. We will have a full stadium, it is an experience, in general, for Macedonian football and for all our spectators to succeed in doing something sporting."

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