The FFM certificate of compliance and operation of the license administration has been confirmed

Published on 23 Декември, 2022 in News

Almost two decades ago, UEFA started with a system of licensing clubs to participate in UEFA competitions, but the system has evolved into something much more, and today it is an integral part of the commitments and work plans of numerous associations and clubs across Europe. .

The Football Federation of Macedonia also received confirmation this year, i.e. certificate of compliance and operation of the license administration valid until August 2023.

The licensing system was created as a set of criteria that clubs must meet in order to participate in UEFA competitions. Licensing of clubs is included in the program and strategy of each federation, as well as of clubs, and is one of the key points in the work and planning not only of the development and progress of a certain club, but also of its business functioning.

The Football Federation of Macedonia implements the club licensing system and has a separate licensing system for domestic championships.

„Licensing of clubs in Macedonia is considered the best tool for achieving high standards in football. The system is widely accepted with great confidence in it and encouraged by clubs, decision makers, the public, fans and other participants. The licensing department, as before, will always be available for all questions and advice, but of course the clubs are the ones who have to do a good part of the work in this process. I am glad that progress is visible from year to year in terms of fulfilling the criteria, documentation and communication, and the feedback tells us that the licensing process really helps in the development of all football and business processes, said the General Secretary of the FFM, Filip Popovski .


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