The Macedonian U15 team defeated by Hungary with 1 - 0

Published on 23 Април, 2015 in News, U17

The Macedonian U15 team played the second friendly match against the Hungarian team. At the training center of the Hungarian Football Federation our youth team was defeated with 1-0.

The team led by Dobrinko Ilievski played a far better match than the previous one, they stood up to the strong Hungarian team, but the luck was not on our side in the end. The lack of focus by our defense in the last minutes of the match was used by the Hungarian team and Buzas Gergo scored the winning goal for their team.

“Overall I am satisfied with the game our players played at both matches. At today’s match we showed character, we stood up to the strong Hungarian team which had 22 players. We received an unfortunate   corner goal from the opponent, and we failed to score a goal even though we had some chances.” –stated the team coach, Dobrinko Ilievski.

The team coach, Dobrinko Ilievski, started the match with the following players:

Luka Nakov, Viktor Rizankovski, Jakup Berisha, Elvir Ramikj, Mario Naumovski, Marko Gjorgjievski, Enis Fazlagikj, Bojan Kolevski Cap, Kristijan Antonov, Altin Sefo, Vasil Krstev. 

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