The Macedonian Womens A National Team will play two friendly matches against Montenegro

Published on 24 Април, 2015 in News, Women's A National Team

The Macedonian Women’s A National Team will play two friendly matches against Montenegro at the training center “Petar Miloshevski” in Skopje. The matches will be played on April 28 and 29 at 11 am. These will be the first matches for the women’s nat

The head coach Balevski called the following players for the matches:

Goalkeepers: Suarta Rechi (ZFK As United), Froska Kostova (ZFK Kochani), Simona Nikolovska (ZFK Konzuli United)

Defense: Natalia Naumoff (ZFK Dragon 2014), Ana Veselinova (ZFK Dragon 2014), Natasha Lefkova (ZFK Borec), Maja Angelovska (ZFK Dragon 2014), Stefani Skerlevska (ZFK Kochani), Sara Nikolovska (ZFK Konzuli United)

Mid-fielders: Katerina Milevska (ZFK Kochani), Marjana Naceva (ZFK Dragon 2014), Aleksandra Ristevska (ZFK Tiverija), Dragana Kostova (ZFK Dragon), Martina Bogleva (ZFK Dragon), Elma Semsovikj (ZFK Borec), Aleksandra Markovska (ZFK Dragon 2014)

Forward: Lenche Andreevska (ZFK Dragon), Bojku Skipe (ZFK As United), Nakshije Krivanjeva (ZFK Dragon 2014), Eli Jakovska (ZFK Dragon), Jana Chubrinovska

The head coach of the women’s A national team, Vancho Balevski, will not call the international players for this match which due to club commitments will not be able to play, and also Simona Krstanovska will not be able to play due to previous injury.

“I expect that we will play a good match.  I think that both teams will play a good match, for me and the Montenegro head coach these will be the first matches after we have been appointed as head coaches. I will have the opportunity to meet the players that will be available for the qualifications. There are some younger players at this team, some of them have been called for the first time to play for the women’s A national team, and the friendly matches against Montenegro will help us create the team for the following qualifications.”- stated the head coach, Vancho Balevski. 

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