The original trophy from the World Cup in Skopje

Published on 21 Мај, 2022 in News

Today, Skopje is the center of the football world and home to the original FIFA World Cup Trophy. The original symbol of football magic made of pure gold that brings excitement all over the world, finally, is in our country.

The trophy arrived in Skopje as part of the FIFA World Cup ™ trophy tour organized by Coca-Cola. The golden symbol of world football unity arrived together with the ambassador of the trophy tour, the Brazilian football icon Gilberto Silva.

 The home of the original FIFA World Cup ™ trophy today was Pivara Skopje, the official representative of The Coca-Cola Company in our country. The trophy was unveiled at a historic moment by Mr. Stevo Pendarovski - President of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and football legend Gilberto Silva, in the presence of Mr. Lambro Patche - Director of Corporate Policy and Sustainability, Mr. Muamed Sejdini - President of FFM, Mr. Luca Santandrea, General Manager of the franchise of the Coca-Cola Company, as well as in the presence of media representatives from all over the country.

"There is no greater satisfaction and I believe that we all have the same thought: that one day, soon, the captain of the Macedonian national team will lift this golden trophy high, and will bring it to the premises of FFM," said President Stevo Pendarovski.

"The original FIFA World Cup trophy is one of the greatest symbols in the sport. Skopje and Macedonia, thanks to FIFA and Coca-Cola, have a unique opportunity to be part of the magic of the World Cup and to see the original at least once in their lives. trophy and feel the taste of excitement. Football has the power to inspire and connect people, overcoming barriers while fans share moments of excitement and joy. I am especially glad that the Macedonian national team had an incredible football experience and was very close to qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar. "We will remember the moments of football euphoria in our country for a lifetime, and let this be just an initiative  to try to secure a place in the World Cup in the next cycle and to really fight for this trophy," said Muammed Sejdini.

Gilberto Silva, Ambassador of the trophy tour, greeted the audience by addressing the entire football public: Our duty in football is to inspire, to make people the best version of themselves, every day. Not only in football, but also in everyday life. So, your country was so close to participating in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and played so well in the last tournaments, I'm sure it encouraged you to achieve even more. I may be in London, Brazil or anywhere in the world, but I will encourage you and hope to see you in the best possible position in the league.

This year's FIFA World Cup ™ trophy tour organized by Coca-Cola has traveled more than 750,000 kilometers so far and is part of the campaign for the FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022. This year's global trophy tour will travel to 51 countries, including our capital - Skopje, enabling Macedonian football fans to enjoy the magic of football.

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