The Womens U16 Team - First place at the development tournament in Montenegro

Published on 09 Април, 2015 in News, WU17

The Women’s U16 Team has won first place at the UEFA development tournament in Montenegro, competing against the host-Montenegro, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg.

At the determining match that our team played today against Montenegro, our girls won with 5-4 with penalty shots, after the match ended with 1-1. The goal for leveling the result was scored by Jilza Maksuti in 77’.

-“I am proud of our girls that won the tournament. They have proved to us that there is a future for the women’s football in Macedonia.  We dedicate our victory to our team captain Anastasija Mitevska which couldn’t be a part of this winning team due to a knee injury.”- stated the team coach, Kiril Izov.

The match against Montenegro started with Maksuti, Krsteska, Blagonova, Gocevska, Chubrinovska, Gjorgjievska, Shemshovikj, Kitanova, Nikolovska, Talevskaa and Bumbarevska. From the reserve player’s bench, a chance to play also got Gegova, Zhivikj, Koteva and Belistojanoska.

Macedonia to get the first place beat Luxembourg with 5-1, Lichtenstein with 4-1 and Montenegro with 5-4 with penalty shots after the regular match ended with 1-1.

The rest of the teams at the tournament scored the following results:

Montenegro – Lichtenstein 5-1

Montenegro – Luxembourg 2-5 Luxembourg – Lichtenstein 5-1

The final results of the tournament:

Macedonia8 points
6 points
4 points
0 points

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