U18: Friendly match against Azerbaijan

Published on 03 Ноември, 2014 in U19

The Macedonian U18 team will play a friendly match against Azerbaijan on Wednesday, 5 November, that will take place at the “House of Football” complex.

For the friendly game, the coach Jeton Nesimi has selected the following players:

Goalkeepers: Celevski Boban, Ilikj Filip

Defense: Bocevski Slobodan, Alomerovikj Din, Lazarov Stefan, Aleksikj Milan, Dervishi Enis, Perchinkov Enis, Karanfilovski Kristijan

Mid-fielders: Jeftovski Stefan, Redjep Kurt, Shoposki Sashe, Mirchevski Martin, Besart Iseini, Kochovski Valentin

Forward: Petkovski Petar, Gjeorgiev Bobi, Halimi Mentor, Hristov Martin, Selmani Ramzifaik.

-“We keep saying that our U18 generation is talented, but we need to prove that on the field. These players have been together for 2 years, I feel that we know each other well and we complement each other, and that is the advantage that we must use. At this match we will see some new players, we will be reassured in their worth and we will see if they can improve the game of our team. Azerbaijan will play with a team that is 1 year older than ours, but that will be our motivation to succeed and score a victory.”-stated the coach, Jeton Nesimi.

The Macedonian U18 team played 2 away friendly matches against Hungary. 

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