Competition for enrolment of coaches in the UEFA C license course

Published on 05 Април, 2022 in News, Seminars

The Education Center of the Football Federation of Macedonia announces a competition for enrolment of coaches in the course for UEFA "C" license.

Conditions for enrolling in a coaching course with a UEFA C-diploma:

- At least 18 years old;

- At least 2 years of active playing football in a regular youth competition at FFM - confirmation from a football club;

- Completed secondary education;

- Payment of 200 Euros to FFM - with the possibility of payment in instalments, 300000001599760 Komercijalna Banka;

- Satisfactory health condition - institutes for sports medicine, submitted upon arrival at the seminar;

- Payment of 35 euros for applying and holding exams and issuing a diploma - license - the payment slip is submitted upon arrival at the exam

The competition is open for applications until 30.04.2022, and the terms for maintenance will be further determined after the deadline for application and formation of the group. The trainers will be notified about the beginning of the seminar by e-mail or message.

Interested candidates can submit the required documents in PDF form to the following email address:

A National Team