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History of Football in Macedonia

• The football beginnings in Macedonia date from the 19th century;

• The first official match was played on 20 April, 1919 between the team of the English Army and the youth football team of Skopje;

• In 1978, in the honor and memory of that match, and on the occasion of 70 years of football in Macedonia, a monument was set on the place where the match took place;

• FC Vardar from Skopje is the first registered football club, dating from 1912;

• During World War Two the selection of the Macedonian football clubs played against the teams of the German and Bulgarian Army. Many of the Macedonian players were also playing for the Bulgarian national team;

• In 1945, right after the end of World War Two, the first football department was established as a part of sport association of the city of Skopje, with Mr. Gustav Vlahov as president. The football section is separated on 16 August, 1948 and the Football Association of Macedonia is established on 14 August, 1949 as an integral past of the Football Association of Yugoslavia.

• On 7 February, 1993 the Football Association of Macedonia organizes the first independent Assembly;

• In 1994 the Football Association of Macedonia becomes an affiliated member of FIFA and UEFA;

• In 2003 the Football Association of Macedonia is renamed the Football Federation of Macedonia - FFM

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