Kamenica Sasa and AS United will face in the women's final of the Macedonian Cup

Published on 13 Мај, 2022 in Macedonian Cup, News

The teams of Kamenica Sasa and AS United will face on May 18 (Wednesday) in the women's final of the Macedonian Cup. In the match that will be played at the training center "Petar Milosevski", both teams will try to reach their first trophy of the most massive competition.

Kamenica Sasa is the current champion. Skopje 2014 is the last winner of the Macedonian Cup trophy from the final played in 2019 against Tiverija.

For the coach of Kamenica Sasa, Zoran Zlatkovski, winning the trophy in the Macedonian Cup is a priority, because as he says, the results in the championship do not correspond to the quality of the team.

- As a coach and leader of the team, I expect better results so far from the championship, given that we have great potential and quality. Our priority is to win the Macedonian Cup, although we will not give up the fight for the first place in the championship. We are ready for the match, we are looking forward to the final and of course we are expecting a victory in our first final in the history of the club.

We have great respect for the team and the coach of Ace United, Astrit Merko, who is doing a great job. The opponent has quality and they work great as a team. I think it will be uncertain and details will decide the winner. I expect an interesting match, uncertain and combative until the very end. I hope for victory and celebration in Kamenica.

Astrit Merko, the coach of AS United, says that the opponent is more experienced, but he believes in his young players and they will do their best to win the match.

- We know the team of Kamenica Sasa very well, they have quality, they play great in the last few seasons in the first league of Macedonia. I expect an interesting match, a great fight and sacrifice on both teams. I wish a fair match. I believe in my footballers. We have a young team that has potential, almost all of them are national team members and in a competitive rhythm. We will do our best to win. Maybe the advantage for them may be the fact that they have more experienced players who come from abroad, but in the end it does not have to be crucial. I believe it will be uncertain until the very end. Let the one who is better win.

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