Macedonia - Ukraine, the tickets are available for promotional prices.

Published on 01 Октомври, 2015 in Tickets, News, News

The Macedonian A National Team is playing Ukraine on 9 October at 20.45 h. at the Philip Second National Arena in Skopje. This is the last home game for the Macedonian team in the Euro Qualifiers for the championship in France in 2016.

Most of tickets for this game have a super promotional price between 100 and 300 MKD. 

The tickets are available in the sales network of MK Tickets -

The tickets can be bought online, but are also available on the following locations across Macedonia:

  • ONE
  • Јugoton
  • Tobacco Gogi - Drachevo
  • Tobacco MPM Press
  • Universal Hall - Skopje
  • Tobacco Drvodekor - Skopje

  • Oranz Tobacco - Tetovo
  • New Tobacco - Ohrid
  • Tobacco Shop 8
  • Tobacco 2 - Skopjanka
The tickets will also be on sale in the Football Federation of Macedonia, in the period between 5th and 8th October, with working hours 08.30 - 16.00 h.

The ticket point at the National Arena will be open on the day of the match - 9 October, 2015 with working hours 12.00 - 20.30 h.

In order to buy a ticket you will need to present an ID card. A maximum of 5 tickets can be bought with one ID card.

The gates at the National Arena will be open on the day of the match between 18.45 and 21.00 h.

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