Macedonia U19 celebrated 3:2 against Cyprus on the second control match

Published on 27 Септември, 2022 in News, U19

The  national team of Macedonia U19  in an interesting match, with a lot of excitement and twists and turns, managed to record a minimal victory with 3:2 over the corresponding representation of Cyprus within the second control duel played between these two representations.

After the first 26 minutes of the game, our young footballers had a two-goal deficit, but by the end of the match they made a complete turnaround, scored 3 goals and deservedly managed to celebrate a victory.

First, Shaban Zenku managed to reduce the opponent's lead in the 40th minute. He left at halftime with a one-goal deficit.

In the continuation of the match, Macedonia played excellently, created opportunities and in the last eight minutes of the match managed to break the resistance of the opponent. In the 83rd minute, Zani Nazifi scored for 2:2. In the 90th minute, Marko Stoilevski scored for victory and great joy for Macedonia.

Macedonia: Stefan Tasev, Maxim Milosevski, Davor Serafimov, Ardian Osmani, Sufijan Chajani, Matej Angelov, Martin Gorgievski, Leon Tasov, Dashmir Elezi, Shaban Zenku, Mihail Talevski;

Head coach: Nejat Shabani

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