Official press conference of the Macedonian A national team

Published on 15 Јуни, 2023 in News, News

On the eve of tomorrow's qualifying match for EURO 2024 between Macedonia and Ukraine at the "Todor Proeski" National Arena in Skopje, the head coach of our national team, Blagoja Milevski, and the captain, Stefan Ristovski, held a press conference.

Blagoja Milevski - head coach of the Macedonian A national team:

"From the football players who will be on the field, we can expect them to give their best. Who will perform and how much will play depends on the physical preparation of each individual, and we cannot talk much about competitive form, but about which one of them is close to competitive rhythm. What makes me satisfied in this past period, from June 2 onwards, I think we managed to make a balance from those who finished later, with those who finished their championships earlier. Everyone has blood and desire for this match and that will be one of our conditions for the match with Ukraine, it will be a maximum race and physical preparation. We will have to be at 100%, because Ukraine is an extremely high-quality selection both as a team and individually."

"This match will be different from the one with Germany, I think above all in the approach of Ukraine, but that does not mean that we are not ready. We analyzed them, they have a new coach, we also analyzed them from the European match and other matches, as well as the match with Germany. The bottom line is that they are an extraordinarily strong selection. We must also be at a higher level than ours, if we want a successful result"

Stefan Ristovski - captain of the Macedonian A national team:

"Ukraine is one of the selections that they consider "unfavorite", but they play excellent football. We played with them at the European Championship, and we showed two different half times. We made mistakes that the rival punished. If we want to hope for a result at home, then we will have to play to the maximum and we need a perfect match.

- If you want something more with such selections, you can't just defend yourself, we have to do something offensively, to keep the ball. Everything is possible in football. We need maximum focus from the first minute to the last. We are ready and I hope that with the support of the fans, which will be the wind at our backs, we will achieve a positive result."

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